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Support and friendship for families
Volunteers needed
All you need is parenting experience, listening skills, and the desire to support other parents who are going through a tough time. Volunteers receive free initial training and once matched to a family visit them once a week for a couple of hours.
If this is for you ,then open the link for more details.
The ginger bread news letter provides lots of information on parenting, benefits and also provides links for discounts at many attractions over the summer.
Popin Children's centre is in Honicknowle lane , and provides  a range of activities and opportunities for you and your family. Just open the link below to see what is currently on offer, including messy monkeys, to help your child learn and develope through messy play, step by step, and a drop in for parents who are concerned about their child's development .
Plymouth Online Directory
For events and activities for families in Plymouth , visit the link below.
Label Planet
To help you  and your children keep their belongings safe why not invest in some stick in labels from label planet.
To order just click the label planet link above, choose from the range of options and your order will be delivered to you at home within a few days.
With almost 700 pupils in school all wearing similar items of sweatshirts, coats trousers PE clothes it is inevitable that some things will escape them. Clothes that are not labelled cannot easily be returned and in fact every term we dispose of vast quantities of clothes that are  never claimed. Clear labelling could in fact save you money and allow children to independently look after their belongings. 
Ordering through our link will also earn the PTFA a higher level of commission so your children will benefit in more ways than one.
Please quote our fundraising number -13668 when placing an order for us to receive the commission.
Plymouth Domestic abuse service
Please open the link below to find out more . In the event of an emergency  dial 999