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Lunchtime menu, charges and payment

School Meal Charges
UIFSM - Universal Infant Free School meals. 
All children in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2, regardless of status are entitled to a free school meal under the UIFSM scheme funded by the Government.
KS 2 children - Year 3,4, 5 and 6 
School meals for KS2 children are currently chargeable at £2.20 per meal (from September 2019) payable in advance on www.eduspot.co.uk using your password.
Free School Meals
Free School Meals are available to some families on certain benefits. Please use the link below if you think that you may qualify  
Even if your child may not wish to have school meals and regardless of which year they are in, we would be grateful if you could still claim as the school will receive much needed additional funding for every child registered. 
Please note that you will not qualify if you receive any working tax credit.
Payment for school meals
The school operates a cashless system and all payment should be made in advance on line as per school policy.
Please access online via www.eduspot.co.uk.
Choose LOGIN on first page, then select 'schoolmoney parent login' on the second screen and then enter your details on the third screen.
Should you be experiencing difficulties with accessing the system or making payment please do not hesitate to contact the school office.
Contacting Cook
Should you wish to discuss any matters with Cook such as special dietary needs, or if you have any favourite recipes that you might like to share, Ellen can be contacted on 01752 768894 or emailed on kitchen@mpsplymouth.net