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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4
This year, the children have many exciting experiences, challenges and learning opportunities to look forward to. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page or see below to keep up to date with our journey throughout the year. If you want to find out more about what your child is learning, please click on our curriculum page. 
We have listed below a few recommended websites which will support your child's learning:
Maths - Particularly the Sound Check link
Writing -useful creative writing stimulus -useful creative writing stimulus
Spring Term
Investigating Italy

Throughout Spring Term 1, the children will become investigators, discovering the fascinating country of Italy. We have kick-started the topic by travelling back to Ancient Italy to discover what happened to the ancient city of Pompeii. Following this, we will be researching and finding out about natural disasters such as volcanoes and how they have changed Italy. During this topic, the children will......, as well as making their very own pizzas.


Veni, Vidi, Vici 


During Spring Term 2, we will focus on the Romans in Britain and their legacy. Excitingly, the children will get the opportunity to have a live, interactive session with a Roman Soldier, find out more about the Celtic Queen Boudicca, as well as sculpt and mould their very own Roman Soldier. 



Please see our Curriculum Leaflet for more information on the year 4 curriculum tab.  


Our experience with the Roman Solider 

Autumn Term 2019

'Egyptian Quest'


We are very excited to begin our journey travelling back to Ancient Egypt and taking part in many adventures along the way. Throughout the Autumn term, the children will be completing a variety of challenges, which will enable them to become fantastic pharaohs. We are very much looking forward to our 'Pharaoh Training Day', where we will be dressing up, making armlets and even practising dancing like an Egyptian! With hope that the children complete their pharaoh training, there will be a special Egyptian feast held towards the end of the Autumn Term! 



*Please see our Curriculum Leaflet for more information on the Year 4 curriculum tab.  



Year 4 have had a very exciting start to the year, kick starting with our first Egyptian Quest Day! The children have had an awesome day crafting amulets, creating their very own mummy bookmarks (adding their names in hieroglyphics), making their own Egyptian sand art and designing their own pharaoh death mask! 
Thank you so much to all who have contributed to make this such a great day- the children's outfits are phenomenal!  
Below is a copy of the weekly spelling lists for the Autumn Term 2019. The spellings for the whole term are on this document but children are only expected to learn the spellings which link to each particular week. We will send a copy of all of these spellings home as well as sending them separately each week. 
Please see below the attached weekly homework