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Maths Fun Day Autumn 2018
Time Moments
The whole school took part in a maths fun day. At the start of the day parents were invited in to school to join their children to take part in time related activities. These included ordering events in the day, making clocks, reading timetables and solving time problems. Once the parents left the children continued to take part in a range of fun maths activities linked to time for the whole day. 
Every parent received a copy of 'Time Moments' which gives details about the progress of learning related to time and ways to support their children at home. A copy of this is below. 

Maths at Montpelier

Fun, useful and easy

Mathematics is essential for everyday life and understanding our world. It is also essential to science, technology and engineering, and the advances in these fields on which our economic future depends. It is therefore fundamentally important to ensure that all pupils have the best possible mathematics education. They need to understand the mathematics they learn so that they can be creative in solving problems, as well as being confident and fluent in developing and using the mathematical skills so valued by the world of industry and higher education.


At Montpelier we use AET maths to support maths planning and approaches to learning. Through this approach the children are able to explore maths concepts through show, do, think, explain and solve. The AET approach to maths encourages children to explain the maths they are learning. By reasoning the maths they learn children gain a deeper and more secure understanding of mathematical concepts. 


See the document below to find out more about Maths at Montpelier

Maths Calculation Policy
This document is the used across the school to inform how methods within the four calculations should be taught at the different stages. 
Maths Moments at Home
Maths should be sun, useful and easy.
Maths is like ice cream, with more flavours than you can possibly imagine and we wholeheartedly wish for every child to explore as many flavours as they possibly can whilst they’re at Montpelier. For children and adults to function well in our ever more complex world, we all need to be numerate and therefore mathematical knowledge and skills are crucially important. It’s one of those life-skills we need and use every day; whether it’s working out how many coins you need to pay for an item, or choosing the best mobile phone contract - mastering number skills is essential. That’s why we’ve put together the maths moments at home booklet. It’s a guide to supporting your child with maths moments at home. It explains how your child will carry out the four maths operations through the seven stages of primary education. For each stage there are really helpful tips on how you can support your child to succeed in maths. Available for each calculation at each educational stage is a video that shows children actually completing the task which really helps to understand the learning involved. These videos can be found on YouTube using the QR codes in the booklet or the website link below. This is a fabulous resource to help parents help their children. So, please take a look inside to find out how you can help your child discover all the exciting flavours that mathematics has to offer.
TTRockstars is an amazing online learning tool that supports children in Key Stage Two to learn the times tables facts. It can be accessed online or you can download the app. Details of how to download the app and how to use TTRockstars are included in the document below. 
Get Rocking!
What does Addition and Subtraction look like?
Whats does multiplication and division look like?
Maths Missions
Get your maths brains working and go on a maths mission to solve these problems. Think about it, test it, try and solve it! Write down your answers on the sheet in your classroom. 
Queen's Hats Maths Mission
Estimate how many hats the Queen owns. 
Chicken Maths Mission
Each day we collect about 3 eggs from the chickens. How many do you think they lay in total in a year?
Big Maths
Big Maths Beat That! The children complete challenges in maths lessons each week from Year FS to Year 2. The test they complete each week is available for you to download and practice with your child. Examples of the different challenges are available below for you to print off and use at home. The countdown music is used in school while the children complete the challenge. You can download the countdown to use at home with your child. Have fun!