Our Performance

At our last Ofsted inspection in September 2019 we were rated as Good across all areas, with the team of inspectors telling us it was a privilege to be in our school. We are so proud of the report. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Montpelier School is a caring environment in which to learn and play.
  • They (the pupils) feel happy, safe and well looked after.
  • Positive relationships promote pupils’ love of learning.
  • Teachers have high expectations for what pupils can achieve.
  • Leaders’ ambition is for all pupils to excel and achieve highly.
  • Staff support, encourage and challenge pupils to do well.
  • Leaders know the needs and vulnerabilities of their pupils well.
  • The school supports all pupils to become resilient, well-rounded learners.
  • Pupils try hard and persevere with their learning.
  • Pupils are polite and considerate. They behave well.
Our latest Ofsted report can be found through the link below or by visiting the Ofsted website.

School Performance Tables

Schools are not required to publish their exam and assessment results from 2019-20210 and 2020-21 academic years as these have not been published as performance measures by the Secretary of State.  However, please use the link below to see our most current national performance data from 2018 - 2019.