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Children's University

From the spring of 2016 Plymouth children's university became Devon Children University and for a limited time passports are free.
The Children's University is a national initiative. Children aged 5-14 years can go to different learning lectures and activities outside of school hours.
For every event you attend you can get time stamped into your learning passports, which adds up to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates and badges. You can earn 1 hour per week for each different activity you attend. So if you do an activity that lasts for 2 hours you can only count it as 1hour or if you go to the same activity more than once a week you may again only count it as one hour.
For every 100 hours of learning up to 1000 hours you will be invited, with your family to Plymouth University for a celebration graduation ceremony. This takes place once a year in the autumn term.
You may already be going to choir, jam band, athletics, netball, swimming lessons or dance groups, rainbows, brownies or beavers and cubs and many more. Just check with your club to see if they are registered to gain your learning hours or look for the Children's university sign.
You can also get your passport stamped at the Eden project, museum and library events and places of educational interest throughout the country. So take your passport with you when you are out and about at weekends or in the school holidays and ask if they are part of the scheme.
Childrens University Graduation 2019
In October this year we saw 19 students from Montpelier who have gained one hundred hours or more of learning (or one hundred hours since their last graduation) attend the graduation ceremony at the Rolle Marquee at Plymouth University.
The children were encouraged and praised for learning so many new skills and wearing their graduation robes they were presented with their badges by the Chancellor David Lawrence Jones .
Afterwards the children and their families enjoyed  some delicious refreshments together.
Well done to you all for your hard work and perseverence and for being fantastic role models for our school .