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Welcome to Montpelier Primary School

Happiness thrives at Montpelier as we endeavour to collaborate and learn together, challenging ourselves and persevering to become the best that we can be. We think big – we dream – and we go for it. The warmth and safety we feel in being surrounded by our friendly and supportive school family enables us to do this, it enables us to shine. We are a team that nurtures, values and respects every individual; their academic achievement, their creativity, their sense of belonging. We all love a challenge, we love taking risks, and we don’t fear failure because we realise it’s how we grow. Enthusiasm and a love of learning is key as we develop as healthy, active, self-confident and respectful members of our global community. Our school is an inviting and welcoming place, where young people are inspired to achieve, where we care for each other and share with each other and where a profound sense of belonging and friendship serves to bind us together in our common purpose. And whilst we truly strive for academic achievement and excellence, we also appreciate that our holistic development is crucial as we build all our life skills; including our creativity, our physical development, our feeling of self-worth, and also our ability to communicate thoughtfully and effectively to form positive relationships with others. We are proud of our inclusive school; of the energy, the passion, of our special love of music, and of the magic and sparkle for learning that Montpelier embodies. We are Montpelier.

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Who's Going for Gold

 10 Golds
Lenni Mackie, Taylor Bate, Rosie Anderson, Naomi Rickard "Oliver Black Hayden Newens Charlie Thomas Lily Worth" Chloe Worth Charlie Meagor Oliver Lambert Dylan Hammond Dino Rodosthenous Lauren Wood Daniel Wildman Nshira Adjei, Joseph Alcantara, Marnie-Mae Bailey, Samuel Elford, Amaro Kumarasinghe, Freddie Lambert, Kiara Lauder, Sophie Mantle, Rhys Neale, Lucy Penfold, Lucas Phillips, Lola Prete, Isla Sleep, Max Williams, Piper Summerfield, Reggie Taylor Rocky Travers Ellie Hodder Alfie Worth Bailey Smith, Brwyn Petre Emilia Heyes,Erin Cerys Hoskin Freya Booker-Langabeer Lucas Cox Ethan Heard Brwyn Petre Jake Morgan, Matei Paraschiv, Solange Cerdeira, Darcy Cretch, Austin Pearce, Lily Vessey Clayton Duncan William Bowden-Lowry, kallum Gregory, Ciaran Smith Harley Almond

20 Golds

 Freddie Morrell Amelia Cave, Travis Cornish, Oliver Hayes, Savannah Heard, Lewis Higman, Sonny Roseveare, Naomi Salmon, Ken Seymour, Ollie Sweett, Tilly Watts, Shem Gaiden Harry Becker, Thomas Genge "Ava Miller Ashton Moore Aara Powel" "Leighton Grieves Jack Bickford" William King, Alex Crane, Aidan Healey, Daisy Farley, Rufus Brinkhurst, Ryan Bowman, Frankie Buckley Ollie Campbell, Ruby Finnegan-Bartlett Evie Light-Davis, Jack Rees Jack Goss, Alex Crane, Martha Reynolds Isla Applin, Jamie Burt, Ella Cross, Florence Knight, Benjamin Rowe, Alfie Smith Freddie Jones, Harrison Mitchell, Isla Nichols,  Finlay Stewart Olivia Gill, Maddison Ellway,Grace Sleep,Daisy Lindsey- Leake, Katie Benson Isobel Battley, Leo Brock, Emily Conway, Oliver Davies Abbey Bullard Emily Mantle Matilda Stockdale, Amelie Underwood Isla Southall Jasmine Bull Toby Hellingsworth Rosie Brinkhurst Louis Tout Lola Paolantonia Bailey Smith Oliver Griffith,Leon Turner Ruby Ellis Nancy Eastmond, Erin Bond, Calvert Bennett, Charlie Isaac Erin Healey, Clara Paraschiv Penny Plant, Josie Scarbro, Hallie Taylor Natasha Payne Ava Walker Theo Lobb
 30 Golds 
    Esme Carey Amelie Haley Riley Saint Byron Grieves  Angel Goucher Tilly-Rose Perryman Billy Isaac Olivia Simmonds Jessica Bradshaw, Ollie Mitchell Olivia Gill Olivia Trethowan Henry Donovan
40 Golds
  Keeley Golden, Rhys Warne Angel Goucher
50 Golds 
 Ben Colwill
60 Golds
70 Golds
80 Golds
90 Golds
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