Well Being and Mental Health for the Family


A message from us…..

We all have mental health ,in the same way we have physical health. Our mental health can be affected by the things that are happening around us and in turn impact upon our physical health. For instance if we are worried, it is quite normal to get a headache or tummy ache, we may not sleep well and therefore our physical health be impacted. So this shows the importance of looking after our mental health. During this time of school closure, lockdown and the impact of Covid 19, our feelings and that of our children may naturally be heightened and we may feel as though life is a roller coaster ride: one day feeling all is good and the next that we aren't managing very well. Our thoughts and feelings can change many times in the course of a day and we may often have more than one feeling at once. All these feelings are quite normal but its what we do with them that's the really important thing. An example of this is feeling angry, we all have this feeling but its not ok to hurt someone with our actions or words . Today we would like to introduce you to some specific ideas for the well being of you to share with your children. We recommend that you read or listen to the resource yourself before sharing it with your children, that way you will already have some initial understanding of the resource. Many of the ideas are suitable for adults and children alike and many will be useful to use as a family. We hope you enjoy doing some of the activities together.

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