Maths at Montpelier

Curious, creative, confident mathematicians

At Montpelier, we believe that a high-quality Maths education provides the foundations for our pupils to understand the world of maths, in art, nature, and the world of work. Pupils will recognise the power of curiosity through the introduction of famous mathematicians and real life applications of maths, which provide context and relevance for their lifelong learning of maths.

Our aim is to equip pupils with the mathematical knowledge and skills they need to deepen and extend their understanding. We aim for pupils to feel inspired and confident in becoming the mathematicians of the future.



Our most-recent Ofsted report said:

"The teaching of mathematics is strong across the school. Pupils learn new mathematical knowledge and skills in a well-ordered sequence. Teachers make sure that pupils understand new mathematical language. Pupils are able to apply their knowledge when talking about their work."


The teaching and learning of maths
How do we teach maths at Montpelier?
We use the mastery approach to maths teaching. This is a research-driven teaching and learning method that meets the goals of the National Curriculum.

What does it mean in practice?

In summary, a mastery approach… 

  • Puts numbers first: our teaching and learning has number at their heart, because we believe confidence with numbers is the first step to competency in the curriculum as a whole
  • Puts depth before breadth: we reinforce knowledge again and again
  • Encourages collaboration: children can make progress by working with others, supporting each other as they learn
  • Focuses on fluency, reasoning and problem solving: it gives children the skills they need to become competent mathematicians
What resources do we use to support teaching and learning?
Teachers use White Rose primary maths to support teaching and learning. White Rose is a well-regarded scheme which provides a clear structure for how maths should be taught, building on prior knowledge. Lessons are fun and inclusive, and designed to meet the our aims of our maths curriculum: curious, create and confident mathematicians.
In foundation and KS1, we also used a programme called 'NCETM Mastering Number'. This is program comes highly recommended by Ofsted. This project aims to secure firm foundations in the development of good number sense for all children from Reception through to Year 1 and Year 2.

The key benefits are:

  • pupils develop and demonstrate good number sense
  • pupils develop a secure understanding of how to build firm mathematical foundations
  • pupils develop fluency in calculation and number 
  • pupils use appropriate manipulatives to understand mathematical structures
Are there any other maths resources used at Montpelier?
Yes - teachers adapt learning to best suit the pupils needs. This means teachers choose the most appropriate strategies and resources that will best help pupils learn. 
Calculation policies
Have you ever wondered what methods we use to teach the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division? These documents show they ways that children will be be taught these skills in school. The policies show how the methods change as the child progresses through year groups. This means you can be aware of the most age-appropriate method for your child.
White Rose support at home
Here you will find our Primary scheme of learning. This details what is being taught and when. 
If you would like to support your child further, why not watch these home learning videos. They are short 10-15 minute videos which demonstrate the learning that has/will be delivered in class.
Maths Moments at Home
For children and adults to function well in our ever more complex world, we all need to be numerate and therefore mathematical knowledge and skills are crucially important. It’s one of those life-skills we need and use every day, whether it’s working out how many coins you need to pay for an item, or choosing the best mobile phone contract - mastering number skills is essential. That’s why we’ve put together the Maths Moments At Home booklet. It’s a guide to supporting your child with maths moments at home. It explains how your child will carry out the four maths operations through the seven stages of primary education. For each stage there are really helpful tips on how you can support your child to succeed in maths. Available for each calculation at each educational stage is a video that shows children actually completing the task which really helps to understand the learning involved. These videos can be found on YouTube using the QR codes in the booklet or the website link below.
This is a fabulous resource to help you help your children. So, please take a look inside to find out how you can help your child discover all the exciting flavours that mathematics has to offer.
NumBots is all about every child achieving the “triple win” of understanding, recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction, so that they move from counting to calculating.
It is an online or app based game, where children answer questions based on number facts, number bonds and addition and subtraction and move through levels collecting coins to 'spend' changing their robots' appearance. 
Numbots is used within lessons in Foundation and in school and as part of home learning in Years 1,2 and for some children, Year 3. Log ins have been e mailed and also sent home with children. 
Please see the help sheets below if you need any assistance, or ask your child's teacher. 
TTRockstars is an excellent online learning tool that supports children in Years 3 to 6 to learn times tables and division facts. It can be accessed online or you can download the app. Details of how to download the app and how to use TTRockstars are included in the document below. Log ins have been sent via e mail and with your child. If you need a reminder, please contact your child's teacher. 
Big Maths
Want something more? Why not try Big Maths Beat That! These are different challenges that are available below for you to print off and use at home. The countdown music is available to download and can be used while the children complete the challenge. Have fun!
Other useful websites
Are you looking for other useful resources to help to support your child with maths? Download the document below to find a list of useful websites!