Our Learning Behaviours


Golden Learning Behaviours

At Montpelier, we endeavour to be life-long learners. We use our Golden Learning Behaviours (GLBs) to develop our behaviour towards learning, a language for learning and grow our growth mindsets. By becoming better learners, we develop a thirst for challenge and a positive believe in ourselves. Our children work hard to develop these skills and attitudes and look forward to assemblies each week when we celebrate their learning with them and award certificates.

To help promote these learning skills, we have a Learning Army with representatives from Year 2 to Year 6. The Learning Army promote the language for learning throughout the school. They lead discussions on learning amongst their peers, carry out observations of the learning happening in classrooms and provide feedback for children about their strengths and next steps as learners.


Our Golden Learning Behaviours:

  •          Focus

By focussing carefully, I am able to manage and avoid distractions. I am mindful of my learning and think carefully about what I am doing.

“Focus gets you further!”


  •          Persevere

I am resilient and I won’t give up. Learning from my mistakes shows I am a superstar learner. You may hear me say,

“I may not be able to do this, yet.”


  •          Teamwork

I can become a better learner by sharing my ideas, listening to those of others and work together to develop our learning.

“Teamwork makes the dream work!”


  •          Believe in yourself

By believing in myself, I can be the best I can be. I believe in my growth mindset. You might hear me say,

“If you believe, you’re already half way there.”


  •          Love a challenge

By challenging myself, I am able to take risks and reach my potential. I have no fear of failure, change or trying something new. I understand that making mistakes and acting upon them means I am learning.

“Bring it on!”


  •          Self-help

I know I am responsible for my own learning. I use resources around me to help when I am stuck. I use 3 before me. I ask myself,

“Is this excellent, yet?”


  •          Love learning

I focus my growth mindset. I am curious. I ask questions to develop my understanding and my imagination allows me to be creative.

“We love learning and this is how we do it!”


Growth Mindset

At Montpelier, we encourage the school family to develop their growth mindset, to see learning as a positive challenge and that our achievements will continue to grow with our efforts.

 Please see attached information about how you can support your child at home below: