Meerkat Group


What is the Meerkat group?

“Meerkats look out for each other”

The Meerkat group is led by Jane Gilbert – Parent Support Advisor and delivered by ELSA trained TAs. The program runs for 6 sessions and each session has a play based activity, allowing children to have fun in a relaxed safe environment.

The aim of the group is to provide support and understanding for children who are experiencing separation within their family. The groups are child-led and adapted to meet the needs of the children.

The group helps the children to understand that they are not on their own. It helps them identify the changes that are happening and to make sense of their feelings. It can also help develop confidence and self-esteem. The activities are designed to give the children tools to share and manage their emotions.

A natural peer support system develops between the children in the group, which often leads to new friendships within school. A scrap book of the activities may be  built up over the sessions, which they can bring home and share with you.

 Pupil Feedback

“Thank you for a great time and all your support. You’ve have really helped me express my feelings.”

 “Thank you for helping me out and making our family a better place. I love Meerkats and all the activities.”


Parental Feedback

“My daughter has certainly benefitted from this group. It is a credit to the school that such support is made so readily available for pupils. The tools and support offered have enabled my daughter to discuss and express her feelings more easily. The previous ‘bottling up’ method was troublesome.”

 “Thank you for all the support you have given through Meerkats. She has made new friends and it has enabled her to express her feelings and remain the happy confident girl she is.”


 If you feel your child may benefit from this group, or you would like further information please contact Jane Gilbert Parent Support Advisor on 216160 or email: