Our school has an approach to behaviour called ‘Going for Gold’ which aims to recognise those children who are always good and more openly celebrate all those pupils that behave so well. Going for Gold is a layer that sits above our ‘traffic light’ system (below) – the Green, Amber and Red signify how children are behaving during the day. Gold is the next level up from Green to celebrate those ‘always good’ children.


Pupils continue to show exceptional behaviour: they are very polite, very respectful and consistently follow rules and routines.

Pupils demonstrate good behaviour: they are polite, respectful and on task; following agreed rules and routines.

Amber (Warning)
Pupils demonstrate low level disruption, rudeness and/or a lack of respect.

Red (Consequence)
Pupils either show no improvement after an amber warning or they demonstrate more significant examples of poor behaviour (e.g. physical aggression).


During each day, teachers will say to some pupils that they are on track for gold. Towards the end of the day, every class will think about the good behaviour the class has shown. Teachers will then share with the class who they think should be moved to GOLD and their names will be displayed on the Going for Gold display in the classroom. When a child has accumulated 10 Gold Awards they receive a certificate in assembly which then continues for each multiple of ten they achieve. When a child reaches 50 Gold Awards they receive a special gold badge so that everyone will know what a star pupil they are. We like to say a big ‘well done’ to these children and this is a great way of doing so. Our reward system provides all pupils something to aspire to.


Please see our Behaviour Policy for further information.