Children's University

Devon and Cornwall Children's University
Welcome to Devon and Cornwall Children's University, where children from age 5 -14 years can gain rewards from the activities they do outside of school learning new skills and having fun along the way.
Your school coordinator Jane gilbert who will be  happy to assist and answer any questions you may have.
How the  Children's university works
Children can gain stamps in their Children's University passport for the hours of learning they do outside of school hours. This can include before school, lunch clubs, activities after school, at weekends and during school holidays. This scheme is free for your child to take part.
The children gain a stamp in their passport for one hour of learning for each different activity they complete during the  week. For example if they take part in 5 hours of swimming across the week they can only gain  1 hour in their passport. However if they take part in one hour of each swimming , gymnastics, choir, football and dance , then they can gain the full 5 hours. This helps to encourage children to try new activities and develop confidence and self esteem.
Once they have collected 30 hours of learning they will get their Bronze certificate and badge, for 65 they will gain silver and for 100 their gold certificate. Once they have reached 100 hours your child  will be invited with their family to the university of Plymouth for a graduation ceremony.
They can keep on collecting up to 1000 hours.
How to request certificates.
Once your child has reached the number of hours of learning for a certificate,( these are shown in the front of each passport) ask them to bring their passport to Jane Gilbert who will collate the hours and present their certificates and badges during celebration assembly.
Quality of clubs
Each club is quality assured by the Devon and Cornwall Children's University.
All clubs at Montpelier Primary School are validated . 
How to nominate an activity for validation
If your child attends an activity which is not yet validated please :
email .
Include : Activity name
Name of organiser
Contact number of organiser
Email of organiser 
They will then contact them on your behalf.
How do I sign my child up to children's University ?
Please  email who will give your child a Children's University passport and will ask if you give consent for the information to be shared with CU to further their  research and development. Further paper work will be sent to you. Yu do not have to agree
to this for your child to take part.
Taking part is absolutely FREE.
Keeping up to date with local activities from the Children's university 
Use the following sites to get direct information of things that are happening in the city that your children may like to be involved in.
Consent to join children's university 
 Please feel free to download the parent letter ,sign the consent and return to Jane Gilbert for your child to join children's university. They will then receive their passport and be able to begin their journey collecting learning hours along the way.