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News - The Foundation teaching staff will be keeping this page up to date with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done, and more. They will also be letting you know about all the exciting activities they have got planned.

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South Devon Railway and Totnes Rare Breeds Farm School Trip
Superworm Performance
World Book Day
Pancake Day 
Maths - Making 10 using Numicon
Julia Donaldson Book Activities - Foundation Year Group Author
Theatre Trip - Emperor's New Clothes
Maths Fun Day
It was wonderful to see so many parents in school for part of the maths fun day. The children enjoyed taking part in a variety of maths activities.
Space Lab Planetarium

Foundation children enjoyed a visit from the Spacelab Planetarium. The Spacelab is a self-contained darkened classroom, the children learnt more about space and enjoyed a day of Space activities. 

City of Plymouth Trampolining and Gymnastics Club coaches visited Foundation to 'talent spot'. 
Foundation have enjoyed learning about Space and wearing their space helmets on our 'Space Day'.