Welcome to Year 1

The book of this term is...
 'There is No Dragon in this Story' by Lou Carter
 Welcome to Year 1!
Autumn Term 
This term our topic is...
'Mythical Creatures and Enchanted Tales!'
This term, our topic is 'Mythical Creatures and Enchanted Tales.' This unit will be based on the story of 'There is no dragon in this story' - the children will adventure through traditional tales such as, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs and Jack and The Beanstalk with the help of a dragon.
There will be lots of exciting and challenging learning ahead which includes; making gingerbread, making 3D houses and growing our own beanstalks.
What a busy start to Year 1!
The children have settled in perfectly to Year 1 and are all thoroughly excited to see what challenges lie ahead! On Friday, the children were shocked to find that the classroom had been destroyed by what seemed to be a large animal of some sort! We then discovered that it was a dragon! - thankfully we found out that he is a friendly dragon and that he just wanted our help.
The children were so excited to find special dragon eggs out in the playground! We were each given our very own dragon egg to look after and care for in our classrooms! What a great day!
If you want to familiarise yourself with our book for our Autumn topic of 'Mythical Creatures and Enchanted Tales' - attached below is a link to the story! ('There is No Dragon in this Story') Please note that the Year 1 team stagger the content of the book throughout the Autumn term so please refrain from reading/watching the story with your child.
Remember remember the 5th of November! This week Year 1 have delved into the history of Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it each year. Today the children created firework paintings and ate some marshmallows around a bonfire!