Science at Montpelier


  • Science at Montpelier is captivating and creative, allowing time for children to explore their natural curiosity and fascinating phenomena in the world around them.


  • A chance to observe and question is underpinning of the children's learning, supported by a growing knowledge and wide scientific vocabulary base. 


  • Children are given the opportunity to undertake lots of interesting, practical experiments to investigate questions they pose.


  • Children are encouraged to take risks and modify ideas which once explored, they then present findings in a variety of ways.


  • Children predict and then explore questions on a number of topics, all of which relate the natural and human changing world around them, preparing them for their future with not only scientific knowledge but with the skills they need to be a great scientific thinker!
Can you save Humpty Dumpty?
At the end of the Spring Term the whole school took part in an Egg Drop Challenge. Each class had to create a carry case to protect an egg that was dropped from a set height made from recycled materials. It was a great day with many successful classes and also some not very successful classes. It was great to see all the children in the school working together and sharing everybody's fortunes. The eventual winners were 2P - Miss Clegg's class who's fabulous design of a chicken showed great creativity and imagination. A very well done to all children involved and look forward to more Science investigations in the future.