HMS Heroes

HMS Heroes

We are the HMS Heroes at Montpelier Primary School. We are pupils from service families and we represent all the children who have a family member in the armed forces. We support each other and work as part of a bigger team of Plymouth schools who represent all service children in the Plymouth area.

Here at Montpelier we have a group called Jam Band led by Miss Gilbert and Mrs Morley. We meet on Wednesdays from 3.15-4.15pm.  It is completely free. Children from all year groups can attend and we play games, sing songs, play musical instruments, cooking,crafts and have lots of fun getting to know each other better. We have lots of opportunities to enter competitions and take part in activities across the city.

If you  have someone in your family who in in the armed forces and you would like to join us at Jam Band , speak to Mrs Gilbert or Mrs Morley or complete the form  in the PDF below.


 Saltash Regatta 9th June 2018

Special opportunity for service families


Dear Parents and Carers,

Military Kids’ Club Heroes, Saltash has been awarded some funding for an exciting creative project! 

Artists from the Cornwall-based ‘Workshops for Children’ have been engaged to run a day of creative workshops as part of Saltash Regatta on Saturday 9th June. Art and tactical creation activities are cathartic for children who have a deployed family member and have to deal with constant change, separation anxiety, worry that the parent may not return, insecurity, mood changes and so on. This project will allow the children to express how they feel to be a child in a Forces’ family and the positive qualities they are developing.

The project will produce 2 – 4  4ftx4ft interior wall hangings / collages (final hanging locations tbc!) and will incorporate (but definitely not limited to) the wide ranging themes of:  submarines, planes, anxiety, pride, friendship, soldiers,  ships, green berets, loud bangs and, separation, which are themes that have been discussed by, and are important to, Forces’ children.  If you could also talk to your children and ask them what is important to them and how they feel about life as a Military child then that can be used on the day too.   We would also really like the children to supplement the materials used by the artist with small artefacts that mean something to them to add to the project (such as uniform buttons, a toy soldier, small, old pieces of kit, cap tallies etc) 

In addition, we are inviting non Military children to take part in the workshops too, as this will highlight the support given to the Forces community as well as raising awareness of MKC Heroes. Around 5000 people visit the Regatta, so the workshops will be an excellent platform to raise awareness of the sort of places the parents of the children visit, and the work they do.

There will be 3 sessions specifically for Military children at 10-10.40, 11- 11.40 and 12-12.40 These need to be pre-booked and a parent or carer will need to accompany their own children.  We are also asking for a voluntary donation of £1 per family as the total cost of the workshop isn’t fully covered by the funding.  These sessions will hopefully provide a fun, creative time for the children to create wonderful collages.

These sessions will be followed by a drop in session from 1.30 -4 for all other children.

We really hope to encourage as many Forces’ children to join in as possible, although it will have to be pre-booked on a first come, first served basis.  If your children are interested please can you contact me ASAP and indicate which session you would like to attend.

This is a really exciting project and the finished products will be hung in public spaces to give the children pride as well as highlighting how resilient, strong, adaptable and supportive our Forces’ children are, in addition to showing how much strength they draw from the wider community.

Please contact me on  to book or for more information.
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Family Life Balance as a

Service Family

New support course for service families, beginning in September 2017. Open link below for more details of how to book your place.

MKC Heroes Kids Choir
If you enjoy singing and would like to meet new friends, have fun and sing, open the link below for information about the Military kids club choir.
We wanted to show you all the fantastic things that we do at Jam Band. So we went in to the ICT suite, worked together and compiled lots of reasons why we love Jam Band!
Here are some of the things the children have said about Jam band.
'I love having fun and playing games. Making muisc, having partys and eating food. Playing new instruments and making new friends and painting. Making models and parachuite games.'
'We come to jam band because our parents are in the forces.'
'We make lots of cool things!'
We decided to visit the Poppy wave at the war memorial on the Hoe in October a a family. Everyone braved the wind and rain to see the spectacular sea of red . A volunteer talked to us about where the poppies came from and how they were erected here in Plymouth. We learned about the first and second world war , the brave soldiers and sailors and the ships they sailed on.  
Back at Jam band we made our own poppies as a mark of respect and thought about why we remember the fallen.
Plymouth Argyle Football Club
MKC Heroes from across Plymouth met at Plymouth Argyle in September. Lewis and Ellie were chosen to represent Montpelier. Two very excited young people enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by a tour of the ground. They were delighted to meet Luke McCormick , one of Argyles Goal Keepers. Well done Lewis and Ellie who were great ambassadors for MPS . They returned to Jam Band and told everyone about their trip.
Bickleigh Stables
On June 24th as part of armed forces week, a small grup of HMS heroes children, accompanied by Miss gilbert and Mrs Williams spent a hot and sunny morning at Bickleigh Stables. We were welcomed and looked after by the stables manager Jenny and another member of staff Doug. The children learned how to wash and groom the horses and embraced the hands experience with great enthusiasm.
 Another horse Jacob stood patiently as we learned the names for different parts of his anatomy and stuck labels all over him. We then practiced lifting his foot after  Doug demonstrated how to clean his shoe. It was great to see the childrens confidence grow throughout the morning as they took on the challenge of a new experience.
Well done children for being perfect ambasadors for your school.
And some more which we took.
Here are  a few of the things our Heroes have been up to.
Jam Band
At jam Band on Wednesday 4th February  we used different materials to make collages. The children had so many fantastic ideas of what they wanted to do. Here are some pictures of them at work. 
What is so nice is the support and encouragment they give to each other.
On Wednesday 10th June Miss Somerville came to jam band and the children were able to spend time outside learning how to care for and pick up the chickens.  
At Jam.  Band on June 17th we got rather messy designing and painting our hands. The children had some unique ideas and enjoyed this different activity..
 Team games outside June 24th
Jam Band children really have become a great team, with children from foundation up to year 6 all working together. 
Team Building games
Chocolate dipping fruit