Golden Learning Behaviour

Golden Learning Behaviours

We introduced 'Going for Gold' in the summer of 2014 which aimed to recognise children who are always good and to more openly celebrate all those pupils that behave so well throughout the school. Since then, behaviour – which was already a great strength of the school – has improved even further. Our pupils demonstrate great behaviour and also encourage and expect it of each other. Following the ongoing success of Going for Gold, we have started to introduce Golden Learning Behaviour. This aims to recognise, celebrate and encourage excellent learning behaviours and to openly teach children to become better learners. This isn’t about studying new facts or building on knowledge so that the children know more ‘stuff’. It’s about techniques, skills and abilities the children need and (most importantly) can develop further, in order to become better at learning new things.

We have seven golden learning behaviours that we develop in our school

At Montpelier we:

  1. love learning
  2. love a challenge
  3. persevere
  4. believe in ourselves
  5. value teamwork
  6. focus
  7. develop self-help strategies


Please read the PDF documents below in order to find out more about our Golden Learning Behaviour initiative.

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