Choir restart dates are as follows:
Year 4/5/6 Choir- Thursdays from Thursday 20th September
Year 2 and 3 choir Tuesdays from Tuesday 25th September
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Young Voices 2018.
15 pupils from Year 5 are really looking forward to singing in a choir of over 6000 at the Genting Arena, Birmingham on Friday 26th January as part of Young Voices 2018. We are busy learning all the words and dance moves.
Choirs update- January 2018
All the choirs are up and running again with bumper numbers attending!
Year 2 and 3 choir now has over 100 members.
The Boys Choir has 84 members from Year 4-6.
Our Thursday choir for Year 4-6 has 80 members
plus we have an auditioned choir and the Legacy Choir for ex pupils and their friends from Year 7-11.
Coming soon--- acapella club!
Young Voices 2017.
On Friday 27th January, 14 members of Year 5 who are part of the Thursday Choir took part in the amazing Young Voices concert at the Genting Arena, Birmingham. Months of rehearsal culminated with our pupils performing in a choir of 6563! We all absolutely loved it as you can see from the photos!
September 2017
Here's the start dates for all our choirs this year...
Thursday Choir (Year 4/5/6) starts 21st September
Year 2 and 3 choir starts Tuesday 26th September
Boys Choir will meet during assembly on Tuesdays from 26th September
Green Squad auditions to start soon.