Argyle Sports Leaders

Argyle Sports Leaders Training

Our new Argyle Sports Leaders have been selected. They attended training, lead by a Plymouth Argyle coach and have worked during their lunch hour, developing skills to plan and lead football based play activities.

 What is an Argyle Sports Leader?

An Argyle Sports Leader is someone who:

  • Respect themselves
  • Respect others
  • Respect their surroundings

 Who are our Argyle leaders?

Our Argyle Sports Leaders are a group of Year 6 pupils, who give up two lunchtimes a week to lead football based activities. They can be found during the lunchtime in Key Stage 1 and 2 playgrounds, wearing their green  Argyle Sport Leaders T-shirts ,which were kindly donated by Plymouth Argyle.The Argyle Sports Leaders enjoy leading the activities and working with both Key Stages. 




Arygle Sports Leaders thoughts; 

"It's fun and you get to work with children and make them happy".

"I like  meeting different children from different year groups each week".

"It helps to build your confidence".

"The training was fun".

"I enjoyed learning how to plan and lead sessions".

" I like working with different children I wouldn't normally get to work with".

"I feel more confident".