--- Year 5 Curriculum

 Our Spring Term adventure begins...
A Life on the Ocean Waves
Marble Challenge
Can you make a boat using only paper and masking tape?  Year 5 can, they were amazing.  The boats they built were tested using marbles.  One boat held over 100 marbles... WOW!
Fire Talk
Year 5 had a visit from Devon and Somerset Fire Brigade to talk about fire safety.  The children learnt about 'hoax calls', 'fire plans', 'prevention' and 'calling 999'.  They really enjoyed their visit.
Father Simon
Year 5 had a visit from Father Simon who talked about his role within the church, the parish and as a figure of trust.  He showed us a variety of Vestments and discussed the meanings behind the different colours of Vestments, giving us understanding to the symbols and what they mean personally to him and to the church.  Father Simon was lovely, the children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. 
Look out for the vestments the children have designed - they are in the reception area.