--- Year 3 Curriculum

Ancient Adventurers
Autumn Term
What was life like in the Stone Age?
As part of our Stone Age topic the children went back in time and experienced what life might have been like for people in the Stone Age. They learnt to make their own fires and jewellery and created cave drawing stories of animals and people going out to hunt. As you can see, the children looked incredible in their fancy dress and we all had a great day going back in time.
Last Week, the year 3's went on an amazing trip to Kents Cavern where they learnt all about life during Stone Age times. They had to chance to gets hands on with real Stone Age artefacts, navigate through the amazing caves and experience what total darkness looks like in the bears den. This caused many of screams and shrieks. The children had a great day, please enjoy some of the pictures of our trip.
Animal Break In
Monday morning was no ordinary morning in Year 3. The children came in all happy and excited for a new day of exciting learning to be greeted with a catastrophe in all of the classrooms. There had been an almighty break in with rumours of broken gates and loud noises being heard through the night. All the classes had been turned upside down with huge footprints all over the place, scratch marks down the walls and even 'poo' left all over the floor and tables. As you can see the children had great fun investigating all of the evidence and breaking up the 'poo' to determine what animals may have been to blame for the mess.