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School Council

Update - June 2019
As busy as ever, the School Council continue to be fully involved in school life. We meet weekly to discuss ways in which we can make improvements to our school. Our main challenge during the Summer Term of 2019 has been to reduce the use of single use plastics.
We carried out a full survey of lunchboxes and were shocked at the amount of plastic that was thrown away on a daily basis. We decided that we wanted to do something about this and came up with the idea of making 'eco-bricks'. 
We held assemblies to tell the rest of the school our plans, that is, stuffing all of our single use plastic inside plastic bottles to create a solid 'brick'. We will use all of the eco-bricks that we create to build a seating area and planter for the children to enjoy.
We were fortunate enough to receive a £500 grant from Plymouth City Council to help us with this project. It also helps Plymouth City Council to achieve 'Plastic Free Plymouth' status.
The picture gives an idea of what we are trying to achieve by the end of the Summer Term.
The School Council is made up of 14 representatives from Year 1 to Year 6. Our aim is to represent the children in each year group to help make the school a better place.
In addition, we make sure that the voice of children is heard across the city through the Plymouth City Youth Council. 
Each year group has a suggestion box to allow Councillors to collect, collate and discuss issues that are important to pupils. Where we can, we will try our best to act on the concerns raised.
School Council members both past and present were invited to the opening of the new play area at Central Park today. The children put the equipment to the test and the time spent at the park was thoroughly enjoyed by all (including the staff!)
The children have also put their own touches on the new play space, having written poetry which has been engraved onto logs by the wooden tipis at the top of the site.
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Update - July 2018
Well, what a busy year it's been!
The School Council have been involved in a number of projects throughout the year that have made a real difference to the whole school community.
Possibly one of the most rewarding challenges was helping in the process of appointing our new Headteacher, Mrs Sam Hunter, who will join us in September. We carefully thought up some questions that allowed Mrs Hunter to tell us why she should be the Headteacher of our fantastic school. We were delighted by her responses and pleased that the School Governors chose her to lead our school.
We have also been involved (consulted) about the improvements being made to Central Park. As the park is right on our doorstep, and we use it often, we were pleased to be asked about how the £9 million that the Council have set aside for improvements, should be spent. It's great to see the improvements that are being made to the skate park and the children's play areas.
The school have also been given some money to improve PE at Montpelier. Mr Robinson, our PE Leader, asked us how we thought PE could be improved. We thought of some good ideas for after school clubs and what equipment we would like to see purchased. We look forward to seeing even more PE opportunities next year, building on the many successes of 2017-2018.
We organised a reading survey for Mrs Jones, our English Leader. She wanted to find out what all of the children of Montpelier think of reading and reading rewards. We were happy to conduct this survey and we analysed the results for her so that she could make any changes that might be necessary.
Our final project was trying to convince the children in the school not to waste, and to take care of the resources in school. We are concerned that we don't look after items such as felt tips, rulers, whiteboard pens, rulers etc as well as we could which leads to money being wasted. We held a poster competition to try to persuade others to look after our resources. Laminated posters will appear around the school from September. Hopefully, they will make a difference.
And so onto 2018-2019.
School Council elections will take place in September. Last year we had 38 Councillors ranging from 5 years old to 11 years old representing their classes. Sometimes this could be quite difficult to manage during lunchtimes and it was tricky trying to get everybody together.
This year we will elect two councillors from each year group, rather than each class, meaning a total of 14 Councillors.

We have been discussing school dinners and the canteen with Becky from CaterEd (who runs our school dinners) in order to use the children's views to improve their experience! We will keep you updated! 
This week at our meeting, we have discussed the mission to save Peverell Library, our local library and one used by the school and it's pupils a lot!
Please support the campaign by putting a poster (sent with the Beacon this week) in your window. It could be coloured in by the children first! Thank you!
Youth Council Monday 6th March
Today Miss Harris took 5 Year 6 children to the Plymouth City Council Chamber for Youth Council. the topic of the session was 'The World of Work'.
The children heard all about STEM in Plymouth (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and the jobs which fall into this category. They learnt all about the work of the Plymouth Marine Lab (did you know we have the top 10% of the WORLD's scientists working there? Or that a marine research ship called the Mayflower will be built for the 2020 anniversary of the Mayflower sailing to America, but it will be the first completely autonomous ship?
The children had the chance to speak with apprentices and representative from the Royal Navy, UTC Plymouth, Babcock and other companies. all linking the world of work with STEM.  We took part in different challenges (and the girls won the tallest structure competition!) 
We all had a great day and have planned our future careers! 
Tuesday 24th January
This week Councillor Leaves and Caroline from the Council came into school to judge our competition entries for posters which will be displayed on the bins in Central Park to encourage the public to bin their litter and dog's mess! Six worthy winners were chosen and rewarded with a family pass to the Life Center. Well done everyone!