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Montpelier  Primary School has had a successful, committed, hardworking Parents, Teachers, & Friends Association for many years. During this time, we have equipped the school with many resources, including:

 Playground equipment & line markings

Ÿ New back drop for year 6 leavers

Ÿ Library Resources

Ÿ Games for classrooms

Ÿ Cooking utensils

Ÿ Computers programmes, such as  Minecraft

 New Sport Kits for events                                                                                                                

 Pirate Ship by school entrance

We have provided extra- curricular activities & support for the children, such as: discos, fun days, storytelling evenings, fair, educational visits, visiting authors/musicians and have donated money to numerous charities. We take great pride in all we do.

In order to do this, we need the support of parents. For a school of 650+ children, your PTFA consists of around 15 people and a dedicated core of 8.

As parents, you are automatically members of the PTFA (together with all of the staff) and you may feel eager to join our committee.

 The PTFA meet in a very informal way. The meetings serve the purpose of discussing events planned for the children. Members have become friends over the years and enjoy sharing other news with each other as well.


You do not have to become a member of the committee to help out at any of the events. Just ask! We do welcome new faces and need your support in order to survive! Did you know that the summer was almost cancelled as we do not have enough support?


If you do become a member of the committee, there is no obligation to attend every meeting, and minutes of the meeting can always be e-mailed to you. Do you have great ideas on how we can thrive?


Everything we achieve is for the benefit of the children, whether it is learning equipment, play equipment or enrichment. Please help us, to help them, seeing their and your enjoyment is why we do, what we do!


Please read the News section to find out about our next events.


Summer Fair

Our Summer Fair will take place on Friday 11th July.
If you would like a traders stall or are able to offer a raffle prize please leave your details at reception.

Father's Day Shop

Our Father's Day shop will be open for the children to purchase gifts during their lunchtime from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th June. Gift prices range from 50p to £2.50

Valentine Cookie Sale

The PTFA will be holding two cookie sales for the children on Wednesday 12th February and Thursday 13th February both during break time. Cookies 50p each.