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At Montpelier, we believe that it is crucial for every child to develop important life skills that will help shape them as an individual in today’s society.

We strive to achieve both a stimulating and challenging learning environment where children can become confident, successful and resilient learners where they feel safe and happy.

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) is delivered through discrete lessons and is embedded across the curriculum in all subject areas. It is also enhanced and enriched through assemblies and extra- curricular activities. We also partake in particular events and have special afternoons and days dedicated to raising awareness for particular charities or for celebrating occasions.

The following core themes are covered by each year group in a rolling programme (taken from the PSHE Association) that is progressive from Years 1-6. EYFS follow the EYFS outcomes (statutory framework):


-          Health & Wellbeing (Physical & Sex & Relationships)

-          Relationships (Social and Emotional)

-          Living in the wider world (Economic wellbeing and Being a responsible citizen)


A more in depth overview of each module covered by each year group can be found in the PSHE Overview link.

We believe that children should be supported and encouraged to develop socially, emotionally and academically. In our school, all adults work as role models, using a positive and consistent approach, to ensure that the children learn appropriate values and attitudes.

PSHE makes a major contribution to the development of each child, helping them to develop as citizens in their school and community. Contributions of children are valued through: Class discussions, Circle Time, Class Rules developed by the children and the School Council, Assemblies and School productions.

The skills, knowledge and understanding of all staff, are valued and we believe that all staff have a crucial part to play in the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of the children. British Values of Mutual Respect, Individual Liberty, Tolerance of other faiths and beliefs, The Rule of Law and Democracy are all embedded within the ethos here at Montpelier and are in addition, covered in the curriculum that is delivered to the children.

PSHE educates and expands children’s understanding of: a healthy lifestyle, relationships, social and emotional skills, respect of diversity and encouraging an appreciation of other faiths and beliefs, obtaining an awareness of being a responsible citizen and showing an understanding of economic wellbeing.



Healthy Child Quality Mark


May 2019

We are delight to announce that we have been awarded the Healthy Child Quality Mark (HCQM).

The HCQM is now the established Health, Wellbeing and Citizenship development tool in Plymouth’s Education settings.

School provision, policy and achievement are scrutinised rigorously, using the HCQM Criteria which is made up of a set of challenging minimum standards that have developed over several years, supporting the achievement of many City and National Education, Health and Wellbeing outcomes. 


Below is the opening paragraph taken from the HCQM report -

The following report describes a very positive education, support and care programme that Montpelier Primary School have embedded throughout the whole school. It is clear from the testimony of staff that the school is a fully inclusive, supportive and caring environment where children are encouraged to thrive personally and academically. The welfare of the children, young people and their families are the centre of the school’s provision. Pupils are consulted regarding changes within the school and are encouraged to take up leadership roles. A particular strength of the school is their ongoing commitment to the promotion of physical activity through its curriculum provision, its playtime facilities to its extensive extra-curricular opportunities and its participation in competitive competitions.