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Montpelier's Got Talent auditions

18th April 2017

Auditions take place over the next couple of weeks for Montpelier's Got Talent. Anyone in KS2 who wishes to can take part. The auditions will be held during music lessons. Each class votes on who they want to represent the class in the talent showcase to be held in early May. Miss JR also decides on some acts that didn't win the class vote that deserve a place in the showcase.
Don't be shy! Give it a try! Show us your talent! Pupils taking part are welcome to bring in costumes/props/accessories to help with their audition.
Any queries contact Miss JR:
Auditions will be held on:
Wednesday 19th April for Year 4
Thursday 20th April for 3P, 5S, 6M
Monday 24th April for 3S and 3M
Tuesday 25th April for 6P and 6S
Thursday 27th April for 5P