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Learning Mentor


What is a Learning Mentor? 

I am Julie Spencer, Montpelier Primary School's Learning Mentor.
I am not a teacher, I am an education professional, who supports pupils, their families, school staff and other outside agencies. I help by enouraging the development of new skills, enabling them to grow and achieve their full potential. I support you and your child by :
* Assessing any barriers they may have to learning.
* Working with them individually
* Working with them in a small group
* Discussing any difficutlies they may have in class and out of it
* Producing a plan of action to work towards agreed goals
* Regular reviews of your child's progress.

When may your child see a Learning Mentor?
If a teacher feels that your child may benefit from the support of a Learning Mentor they will talk it through with you ( the parent/carer) and also with the Learning Mentor.

How often will I see your child?
Usually about once or twice a week. It could be anytime during the school day, depending on your child's timetable.

How can you contact me?
My room is located near the reception.
You can contact the school office or email me