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The Eco-Council
The Eco-Council is the driving force for environmental change at Montpelier Primary School. Our Eco- council is made up of children from years 1- 6. We hold meetings on Friday lunchtimes with Miss Bullard to discuss environmental issues within the school and possible ways to address them. Our meetings often involve inspecting classrooms to see how 'green' each one is. During our first meeting we carried out an Eco audit of our school, this helped us to identify our aims for the year.

The team's main aims are to:

1. Reduce the amount of plastic used.
2. Make sure lights and other electrical equipment are switched off.
3. Ensure rubbish is correctly recycled.
4. Protect and increase the amount of wildlife living in our school grounds.
5. Learn how and why we should save water.

We hope you can work with us to make Montpelier Primary School an Eco-friendly school.
June 2018 
Sunflower Update
We replanted some of the sunflowers into larger outdoor pots. They are now in the KS1 playground for the children to watch grow but who's will be the tallest?
 May 2018
Sunflower growing competition 
Each member of Eco club received a sunflower seed today. We are hosting a competition to see which class can grow the tallest sunflower...
 March 2018
Plastic Straws!
After learning about plastic pollution, Eco club were keen to reduce the amount of plastic Montpelier uses on a daily basis. One member of Eco club noticed how many plastic straws were being used at lunchtime in the canteen. We estimated that 1750 straws are used per week in our school alone!
Each member of Eco club wrote a persuasive letter to Mr Holland to actively help combat this issue. They were very excited to receive a prompt reply... 
Our letters had been forwarded to CaterEd, who provide our school lunches. They understand the urgency of the issue and are actively seeking to source an alternative. After sharing this news with their classes, many children have opted not to use a plastic straw with their drinks at lunchtime. Eco club are very keen to celebrate the day when the canteen becomes a 'plastic-straw free zone'! 
We feel very confident this day will be soon....
Wildlife Hunt, November 2017 
During the autumn term the Eco warriors went on a wildlife hunt to discover what creatures live in our school grounds. We found many different types of insects, arachnids and even a frog! However, we did not see any birds. To increase the amount of wildlife in our schools grounds, we decided to make bird feeders to encourage birds to visit our school.
Eco-Council Minutes
Summer Term 2017
Eco-Council Minutes
Spring Term 2017
We designed and then voted on an Eco-Warrior logo.
The Eco-team weeding the school planters to help brighten up our school site.
Eco-Council Minutes
Autumn Term 2016
Switch off checks!
The Eco Team have been working hard to ensure that all the classes in the school are thinking about reducing the amount of electricity the school uses. 
The team have been carrying out secret checks to see if classes are remembering to switch off the lights and projector when they are not in use. 
We will update you regarding the eco champion class!

Switch Off Fortnight

The Eco Warriors of Montpelier Primary School are getting ready to join in with the big Switch-Off Fortnight. Switch-Off Fortnight is an initiative designed by EDF Energy’s Education Team to raise awareness regarding saving energy. The fortnight runs from Monday 14 to Sunday 27 November and encourages everyone (pupils as well as staff) to consider some simple rules for cutting down energy consumption. We all need to think about switching off lights and computer monitors and staff need to remember to turn off appliances such as projectors and photocopiers, as well as the school considering how much time the heating remains on. Closing doors and windows to conserve heating and switching off the heating a little earlier could make significant differences to our annual costs. You can find out more about Switch-Off Fortnight and to explore more energy resources by going to 

Five top tips for your school

1. Check your school’s heating control! Heating is one of the biggest energy culprits. Make sure it’s turned down, or if possible, off overnight. Having it timed to come on in the mornings can result in big savings.
2. Turn off the lights! This one is hotly debated with some saying it uses more energy to turn off and on than to leave on, but it’s a myth.
3. Get students to count up all of the electrical equipment in their classroom. The number can be quite staggering! Then open up the discussion as to which of those items are actually needed and how the students can make sure they are using them efficiently.  
4. Ask the caretaker to temperature-check school classrooms. If the temperature of a room can be turned down by just one degree Celsius, schools can save between five and ten per cent on their heating bills.
5. Share success! Make the monitoring of energy in your school visible to everyone. Once you hit an energy reduction milestone – share it. Tell people how much money you have saved too – including us here at Eco-Schools!

Big Thanks

The Eco Team would like to say a huge thank you for the Tesco vouchers that everyone collected and sent in. The team have used the vouchers to buy a range of resources to support their eco work within the school and the school grounds. The resources include bird boxes, butterfly boxes, a bug hotel and eco monitor tops.

Exciting Eco Update!

The Eco Team hopes that you all had an Eco friendly holiday! Very soon the new Eco Team members will be meeting to decide on the school's aims for this year to take further steps in making Montpelier a more Eco-friendly school. If you have any ideas please pass them to your class Eco Team member ready for their next meeting .

Battery Recycling

The Eco-Team are pleased to announce that you can now recycle your batteries in school. All AAA and AA cells as well as size C and D batteries can be brought into school. Along with button batteries (e.g. watch and hearing-aid batteries) mobile phone batteries and laptop batteries. Please send the batteries in with your child who can place them in the collection boxes located around school. The Eco-Team believe it is important to recycle batteries as they can then be taken apart and many of the materials can be re-used rather than being sent to landfill sites, causing long-lasting damage.

Eco Club

Keep watching this space for updates on the work of the Eco-Team.


Solar Panel Tour

Eco Council

On Thursday 3rd November the Eco Warriors were invited to inspect the solar panels on the roof of Montpelier. We host 258 of these amazing objects and Mr Farr kindly explained the energy impact of them for supplying and supplementing the electricity within our school. We were all really impressed. Future events for our young warriors bug hunts around the school, Switch off Fortnight and a visiting bee keeper in the New Year.