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Creative Arts



Year 5 Expedition Day

During their Expedition Day, the Year 5 children became artists, capturing the atmosphere of the extreme conditions Ernest Shackleton and his crew faced in Antarctica. Pastels were used to create their final pieces.



Year 6

An illustration from the book 'A child of Books' by Oliver Jeffers was the inspiration for the Year 6 Autumn Term art project - For This is My World. The project was based on the pupil's individual experiences which included their families, hobbies and interests whilst exploring their emotions. The final masterpiece being a personalised representation of their own world.

Parents, family members and friends were invited into school to view and share the artists’ final pieces and sketchbook pages for this exciting project. Watercolour, pastels, inks and coloured markers were used to create these vibrant and exciting illustrations.


Art Day - Friday 29th June 2018
Pupils at Montpelier enjoyed a whole school 'Art Day' on Friday 29th June 2018. All year groups were involved in various drawing, painting, printing and 3D experiences. 
Foundation Stage enjoyed discovering 'Pointillism'  - a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image. The children used their fingers and a range of colours to create their own patterns and individualised pieces of work. Inspired by Andy Warhol, Year 1 studied Pop Art – creating prints and paintings reflecting shape and colour. Year 2 & 5 captured the mood of local artists Brian Pollard and Liz Jones – focusing on creating landscapes of known local places of interest like Smeaton’s Tower and the Hoe. The abstract style incorporated both vibrant colours and bold shapes through mixed media. Year 3 used pencil to draw detailed images of poppies - the children then sculpted their own poppies out of clay to commemorate fallen soldiers. 
A super day where children from Foundation to Year 6 were able to further develop their skills as artists in new and exciting ways! The art work created by the children is currently displayed around the school 'showcasing' these master pieces. 
We were delighted to welcome visitors from Ghana to lead us in drumming and dancing. We worked with teachers and students to play rhythms and learn a traditional dance. A great time was had by all!