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Bude Update 5: Thursday

26th May 2016


Bude marks the start of the transition for Year 6 to secondary school. A time to reflect. A time for the children to embrace the new challenges ahead, celebrate achievements and take the first steps towards independence. A time simply to have fun with the friendships made. Today, I was lucky enough to share all of these with the children. The reflection of the week that had gone. The chatter about the best bits and the looking forward to coming home. The fear of the unknown followed by the smiles of success. The 'having a go' experiences of the mountain boards to the squeals of laughter as the children tried to steer their Canadian canoes with their team mates then endeavour to tip their teachers into the water before  'accidental' falling  in themselves! Lifelong skills learnt by creating lifetime memories. 


You have all been a credit to your school, your family and mostly yourselves. Well done to you all and well done to the staff that have supported you. As usual going above and beyond to give you the best experience possible. Only sad that I had to leave - written by todays guest, Miss Spragg.


P.S. Photos to follow in the morning. Sorry we have been very busy and not had chance this evening as we have been showing off our moves at the disco. Just sent some very happy but tired children to bed - Bude Team.