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Bude 2017 Update: Wednesday

24th May 2017


The day began cloudy but the glorious sun quickly broke though to deliver an absolutely stunning Bude landscape. This set our Wednesday up beautifully for the mountain biking and caving activities. Despite the fatigue of two days of outdoor adventures beginning to show on their tired faces, the children valiantly threw themselves wholeheartedly into their exertions. The mountain biking proved tricky; requiring some expert balance and a degree of reckless bravery to negotiate see-saws, balance beams, wooden tracks and a woodland trail. The tight turns and confined spaces of the caving activity didn’t perturb anyone either. The children thoroughly enjoyed squeezing through the difficult spaces and manoeuvring through narrow gaps. Every one of them shone through in terms of encouraging and supporting each other, and putting their all into the day. With the warmth of the sun still evident as it slowly slipped below the horizon, tired legs were pushed even further in an inter-school football tournament. Others displayed their various individual skills in the talent competition. Another amazing day has been had by all – well done children!