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Anti - Bullying Buddies

Welcome to the pupil voice group who ensure to look out for others amongst the school. We are the Anti-Bullying group of Montpelier Primary School. Throughout the year we have conducted surveys/questionnaires and recently we have worked collaboratively in our year groups to produce 'worry' boxes. A worry box is a place where the children can share their worries anonymously. The premise behind the boxes is so the children can feel safe to tell an adult of their worries without surrounding peers being aware. The children introduced the worry boxes to the other children in an Anti-Bullying Assembly on February the 11th. 
This year the message of Anti- Bullying Week this year was all about 'Choose Respect'.  We, the Anti- Bullying Buddies want to help everyone to understand how important it is that everyone at school feels valued and included, be able to be themselves, without fear of bullying. All of the children wore odd socks to represent the notion of 'Choose Respect' within Anti- Bullying Week ( 12.11.18 - 16.11.18).
Upcoming projects for the team include working in the surrounding community to engage parents and make them aware of how bullying is dealt within school. (In conjunction with the school's behaviour policy) We are also working on a video project to display to the school and parents in an evening. This will consist of the children acting out scenarios of bullying in and around the school as well as discussing online safety. The children will also show how we use the worry boxes in school to make the parents aware.